About Rehoboth Ministries

Rehoboth Ministries of Life, Opportunities, Values, Everlasting, Incorporated, is a nonprofit organization recognize by the state of Georgia Secretary of State.

It is 501(c) 3 recognized by the Federal IRS guidelines in it structure.

Rehoboth Ministries Incorporated was founded by The Rev. Spencer Lamar Booker and Mrs. Gail G. Booker in May 2002 because the heartfelt vision God had given them to serve the present age.

The name Rehoboth is derived from the biblical text recorded in "Genesis 26:22." He named it Rehoboth, saying the Lord Now has made room for us and we shall be fruitful in the land. The acronym of L.O.V.E. derived from the vision of the Rev. Nathaniel Taylor Sr., who was a community pastor who left his vision embedded in the heart of his wife, Sis. Ophelia Taylor. Together, the vision twains into one because we want to share with the overlooked, those who have been denied the basic needs of life regardless of creed, gender, age, or race.

Our Out-Reach Ministry is design to serve those who are co- dependent on substances that are mind altering, to battered men, women, children, to troubled teenagers, to homelessness, misplace victims, to serving after school tutorial program to other education institutionalize visions. Summer youth camps to transitional opportunities for ex-offenders and incarcerated families. Our goal is to obtain Funding from different sources that will aid in successful out reach programs to all who need a place, love, opportunity, values that will last for ever.

Additionally, Rehoboth Ministries Inc. will sponsor CD's. Radio ministries, TV ministries, tent revivals, and crusades for lost souls.

For more information about Rehoboth Ministries Inc., please contact us:

Rehoboth Ministries Inc.
Atlanta, GA
Phone: (404) 344-7171
Website: www.bethelbooker.net
Email: sgsnb@aol.com